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Table for 5 with Annette Ortiz Mata and Felicia Grigsby is not just a talk show, it’s a Life Show.  Our perspective is -  Unfiltered. Raw. Authentic. Relatable. Unrehearsed and Upfront.

It began when five friends got together to revolutionize the talk show medium with their different walks of life, discussing life issues from different views and genuine life experiences. This is not a cast, these are real-life friends.

On Table for 5 you will hear many points of view.  We have continued the conversation with guests at our table, guests calling in and with you, our listening viewing audience, being our fifth guest.  It's where everyone - man and woman will be discussing everyday issues on: Hot button topics, current events, personal opinions.  It is fifty-minutes of lots to hear on beauty, fashion, food, marriage, parenting, social media, faith, politics, education, women’s health issues, race, etc.  

We will chat it up, mix it up, blend it up. It will be our journey and your voice. Real folks, talking about real life topics.

You will be informed, educated and entertained!

You've seen the View, heard all the Real Talk,

Now have a seat at our table

- Table for Five -

is not just a talk show, it’s a Life Show